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Photo: Thorpe ParkVortex: n. The shape of something rotating rapidly.

In Short

Vortex is an intense but enjoyable flat ride, where riders are put in a spin at heights of 65ft.

Fact File

Opened 2001 Manufacturer KMG
Ride Type Afterburner Official Rating Extreme Thrills
On Ride Photo No Fastrack Yes
Height Restriction Min 1.4m Chest Restriction Max 51in
Max Height 65ft (20m) Max Revolutions 15rpm
Throughput 450 people/hour Max G Force 2


Vortex entrance Silhouetted View from below View from above
In operation Head on view On ride view! Start of the ride
Vortex's huge claw At its height Area view Claw in action
Occidental Oriental


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TTP Review

Vortex is a Kermis Machinebouw Gaasendam Afterburner, clustered with the glut of flat rides at the bottom of the Lost City. Riders sit in one of 8 sides of seats, and wait for the purple over the shoulder restraints to lower. These restraints we find to be some of the most restrictive at Thorpe - this ride is not for very tall people, or people with larger waistlines. The ride begins by the floor dropping away, allowing the pendulum to begin swinging. The arm begins to move back and forth and the seats start to rotate. The ride swings higher and higher until it reaches its peak at 65ft, and the seats continue their steady rotation. After a few swings at peak height, the arm slows to an eventual halt, and the floor rises allowing guests to disembark.

Vortex is one of the more fun thrill rides in the park - we rank it as just behind Rush and Samurai. The arm swings very closely to the ride sign and the people in the queue line which enhances the thrills, and the rotation of the "claw" can make for an intense ride. For this reason, Vortex also has the capacity to make riders quite nauseous quite quickly, so ensure a strong stomach before riding!

Aside from the restrictive restraints, the only major downside to this ride is that some seats are better than others for riding in. Some seats give a ride that means that you are always at the top of every swing, which offers more height and better views, and some seats give a ride which means that you are always at the bottom of every swing, meaning not so much height and less thrill. What makes this all the more frustrating is that the "good" seats change every ride, so there is no foolproof way to guarantee a good ride.

Vortex definitely has a place in Thorpe's thrill ride lineup, and offers an experience quite different to the Park's other offerings. Now over 10 years old, it has since been eclipsed by newer attractions, but this should not deter you from joining the queueline.


  • Intense and thrilling; strong positive Gs.
  • The seating arrangement is excellent - watching the reactions of fellow riders adds to the experience.
  • Superb soundtrack.


  • Fairly vomit-inducing.
  • Ride quality varies; it's pot luck as to whether you will be at the top of the swing, or the bottom
  • Restrictive restraints.
Themeing/Presentation OneOneZeroZeroZero
Smoothness/Comfort OneOneOneZeroZero
Enjoyment/Fun OneOneOneOneZero
Intensity/Scariness OneOneOneOneZero
Overall OneOneOneOneZero

Your Reviews

"I could sit on this ride all day. Great addition to Thorpe Park!"
Andrew, London, UK.

"This ride has to be the most immense thrill ride in the whole park, even better on a Fright Night in the dark!"
Stevie, Hampshire, UK.

"Such a fun ride! I love it when you're spinning and you look over at the people opposite to you! Great ride!"
George, Middlesex, UK.

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