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Tidal Wave
Photo: TTPTidal Wave: n. A huge destructive wave of water.

In Short

Tidal Wave is the most visually spectacular ride at Thorpe, and is guaranteed to leave
riders drenched.

Fact File

Opened 2000 Manufacturer Hopkins Rides
Ride Type Shoot the Chute Official Rating Extreme Thrills
On Ride Photo Yes Fastrack Yes
Height Restriction Min 1.2m Chest Restriction No
Max Height 85ft (26m) Max G Force 1.5
Throughput 1000 people/hour Duration 120 seconds


Exploding gas ball! Water tower Tidal Wave entrance 85ft drop Tidal Wave
About to splash Bottom of the drop Riders expressions Start of splashAlmighty splash
After the splash! Drenched riders Reaching Pier 13 Queueline themeing Going down the drop
Beginning the ascent Tidal Wave Station Station Cresting the top
Amity Cove sign Against Swarm backdrop Tidal Wave rainbow Exit Only
Turnaround at the top Water Tower Down the drop Amity Hotel


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TTP Review

Tidal Wave is a well themed and visually exciting attraction themed around Amity Cove, a 1950s New England fishing village, devastated due to the relentless waves. Very few other water rides in the world can match Tidal Wave for the splash created at the bottom of its drop; even if you're not going to want to ride it, you'll want to spend a few minutes watching the facial expressions of those who are!

Riders sit in a large boat with up to 19 other people (4 to a row), and are taken up 85ft by the noisy lift hill. The boat winds its way around at the top, and plunges at speed down into the blue below. The drop is quite breathtaking - Tidal Wave was the highest water ride in Europe when it was built (Oakwood's Hydro later claimed this title in 2002) - and the complete wall of water riders experience at the bottom is even more so. Needless to say, riders come off absolutely soaked. The boat circles back to the station, and there the rides ends - Tidal Wave is really all about the drop.

Tidal Wave's themeing is amongst some of the best in the Park; in the queueline you can see battered houses, old radios, kitchen utensils and even a dripping toilet. When it was built, you could even see fireballs explode out of the oil drum and floods of water gush out from the tower, although sadly both of these effects are no longer operational. The music loop played in the area also really adds to the atmosphere - Big Bob Jones on "WWTP Radio" keeps the hits coming (think The Beach Boys' I Get Around and Little Eva's The Locomotion), as well as throwing in a few bad jokes. It all adds up to a wholly immersive experience which is guaranteed to put a smile on guests' faces.

The only fault Tidal Wave has, apart from the fact that it's a bit of a one trick pony, is that it gets you gratuitously wet. We're not mincing our words here: Tidal Wave's splash is akin to having a large bucket of cold water thrown over you. Even with a waterproof coat on or a poncho, riders can still come off with very wet clothes. On a hot day, this might not be much of a problem. On a cold day... well, at least the queues are short!


  • Comprehensively themed and brilliant soundtrack.
  • Exhilarating drop.
  • The "Tidal Wave" the boats produce has to be seen to be believed.


  • Gratuitously wet. Seriously, seriously wet.
  • It's all over after that one drop.
  • Many of the original themeing elements now don't (and won't ever) work.
Themeing/Presentation OneOneOneOneZero
Smoothness/Comfort OneOneOneZeroZero
Enjoyment/Fun OneOneOneOneZero
Intensity/Scariness OneOneOneZeroZero
Overall OneOneOneOneZero

Bronze Award

Your Reviews

"I love this ride! Unless you are scared of water, I highly recommend that whenever you visit the park you go on this ride - the experience is not easy to forget. It's like being held under a cold power shower when all the water is around you! Definitely 10/10 from me. Don't forget your towel though!"
Charliy, Sutton, UK.

"This is a really fun ride! It's great for a hot day to cool you off because the water is freezing. Not great on a cold day though, so definitely wear a coat!"
Katie, Bookham, UK.

"What could have been nothing more than a single drop boat ride has been made into a fantastic ride due to the incredible effort gone into the theming, and the interaction between the ride and the pathways that surround. The sheer atmosphere this ride creates (as well as the more than impressive splash) easily makes this one of the most spectacular water rides in the country!"
KS, Cambridge, UK.

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