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Storm in a Teacup
Photo: Thorpe ParkTeacup: n. A small cup used with a saucer for serving tea.

In Short

Storm in a Teacup is an established fairground favourite, and one of the few rides on Park where riders can alter the intensity of their ride, making it accessible to all.

Fact File

Opened 1986 / 2004 Manufacturer Mack
Ride Type Teacups Ride Official Rating Thrilling and Fun
On Ride Photo No Fastrack No
Height Restriction Min 1.1m (under 1.3m with an adult) Chest Restriction No


Cups spinning Tetley tea folk Themeing detail Flowers nearby
Ride area In shadow of Stealth Ride sign Tetley Tea Cups
Riders mid-ride! Second view After the Tetley rebrand


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TTP Review

Storm in a Teacup was built in 1985, and was rethemed from Teacup Twisters in 2004. It's a common ride found in fairgrounds and Theme Parks the world over. Riders walk onto the ride platform, choose a teacup, sit in it with the others in their party, and the floor and cups start to rotate. You can rotate the cups faster if you so desire, by turning the wheel in the middle of the cup.

The ride can make guests very dizzy, and it's fun to watch everyone else's reactions and facial expressions as you whizz around. The ride lasts a couple of minutes, and depending on how much the wheels in the middle of the cups was turned, riders walk off feeling quite dazed.

Storm in a Teacup is a fun ride to experience with family or friends, and because the intensity of the ride can be altered, it's one of the few rides that Mum, Dad, Grandparents and kids can go on together. It's not particularly unique, and it doesn't equal the majority of Thorpe's other rides for thrills. It can be great fun to ride though, and is noteably prone to sending riders into fits of giggles. All in all, a good "filler" attraction in Thorpe's lineup.


  • Riders can control the intensity of their ride.
  • Well themed for a standard teacups ride.


  • Ride experience is no different to the many other teacups rides in other Parks.
  • Can become too intense with some enthusiastic wheel turning!
Themeing/Presentation OneOneOneZeroZero
Smoothness/Comfort OneOneOneZeroZero
Enjoyment/Fun OneOneOneZeroZero
Intensity/Scariness OneOneZeroZeroZero
Overall OneOneOneZeroZero

Your Reviews

"Storm in a Teacup is great! Perfect for families and the young thrillseeker!"
SJ, Esher, UK.

"Probably went on Storm in a Teacup 10 times when the main rides' queues were too long. Great fun & good backup ride."
Jessica, London, UK.

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