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SAW - The Ride
Photo: Thorpe ParkSaw: n. Tool having a thin metal blade with a sharp, toothed edge.

In Short

SAW - The Ride is one of Thorpe's best themed rides, and is the world's first to be
themed around a horror movie, offering guests an immersive journey through Jigsaw's trap...

Fact File

Opened 2009 Manufacturer Gerstlauer
Ride Type Eurofighter Coaster Official Rating Extreme Thrills
On Ride Photo/Video Yes Fastrack Yes
Height Restriction Min 1.4m Chest Restriction Max 52in
Cost £13.5m Max Height 100ft (30m)
Max Speed 55mph (89km/h) Track Length 2,297ft (700m)
No. Inversions 3 Max G Force 4.7
Throughput 1000 people/hour Duration 100 seconds
Elements Barrel roll, Immelman, Dive loop


SAW sign SAW Store Drop and inversion Coming out of the immelman
Over the edge Rotating blades Junk themeing Let the games begin Queueline guns
Going over the top Going into the first outdoor inversion Film set themeing Games have just begun! Jigsaw's warehouse
Wide angle shot First outdoor inversion Bottom of the first drop Cresting the immelman
SAW building Your time will come Shackled body SAW Store
Dead End Stop Sign


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TTP Review

SAW - The Ride is the world's first ride themed to a horror movie, and when it opened, boasted the steepest drop on a coaster of 100°. It is located next to Samurai, and sits on reclaimed land in its own area in the Park. With a height of 100ft, a heavily themed dark ride section, and 3 inversions throughout the ride, SAW is certainly one of the Park's big tickets.

SAW is a Gerstlauer Eurofighter, which are peppy, reliable coasters characterised by their beyond-vertical drops. There are only 8 passengers per car; riders sit in 2 rows of 4, which allows the car to make quite tight changes of direction. Our tip: try to get on the front row of the second car of the two for the best ride experience. SAW is as intense (and rough), if not more, than the other coasters at Thorpe. At points riders are put through 4.7G; more than any other coaster in the Park!

The ride begins in Jigsaw's (very well themed) warehouse, where riders first see the Billy puppet trundling along on a tricycle, warning them of dangers ahead. The car then picks up pace, and hurtles towards a pair of swinging axes and metal spikes. This is one of the best parts of ride; guests get great airtime and a big shock as the car dives down to escape. Jigsaw has more traps in store: the car slows down for riders to be shot at by guns and bows, and as the ride continues, riders next see a rotting dead body on the floor. The train enters a zero-G roll, so guests are hung upside down over the corpse, and the body squirts "blood" up at the unsuspecting riders! This indoor section is surely the best dark-ride attempt from the Park to date; a great opener for the coaster.

After this ordeal, the car shuttles out of the warehouse, and riders' eyes have just enough time to adjust to the daylight before they are confronted with a video message from Jigsaw, and the car begins the ascent up to 100ft. This is where the real coaster begins. Unlike Oblivion at Alton Towers, SAW cars do not wait at the top before they hurtle down to the ground - and going down the drop, it really does seem as if you are about to get impaled on the spinning blades below! The train narrowly misses, and runs straight into the immelman loop, before careering around the rest of the twisted track. Particular highlights in the end section of the ride include the snappy dive loop, which really disorientates, and the large airtime hill, which provides another float-out-of-your-seat sensation.

Thorpe Park have done a very good job with SAW. They have worked closely with Twisted Pictures and Lionsgate to produce an authentic ride; some of the detail in the theming of this attraction is quite stunning. This has been a long time coming! Is it, as the marketing hype would have you believe, "the world's most terrifying roller coaster"? Well, possibly not, but it is certainly a quality attraction, and a terrific addition to Thorpe's ever-growing coaster lineup.


  • Some of the best theming in the Park really adds to an already impressive coaster.
  • Great headchopper effects on both the inside and outside drops.
  • The only ride in the Park with on-ride video available!


  • Voice of Jigsaw isn't the same as the movies.
  • Ride does not have a distinctive soundtrack in the same way that say, Colossus, does.
  • Has become noticeably rougher since opening; painful even for some.
Themeing/Presentation OneOneOneOneOne
Smoothness/Comfort OneOneOneZeroZero
Enjoyment/Fun OneOneOneOneZero
Intensity/Scariness OneOneOneOneOne
Overall OneOneOneOneZero

Silver Award

Your Reviews

"Positives: 1) Insanely scary and definately lives up to its billing. 2) Excellent themeing. 3) Indoor section is superb and the drop in dark really takes you by surprise! Negatives: 1) Jigsaw's voice is fake and not the same as in the movie. 2) Squirting blood effects are temperamental. 3) Can be very rough depending on where you sit and can give headaches. 4) Liftchain is too quick and dosn't build the suspense up enough as you're going up. 5) The queues can get ridiculously long, we queued for nearly 3 hours last time we went!  Overall verdict - amongst the best rides I've been on but the throughput could be better. Rating: 4/5."
Adam, UK.

"If you are a man and you want to have children in your near future - be warned!"
Bob, Essex, UK.

"The inside section is where the ride excels, but I don't want to go into detail because it is the scariest thing ever! The outside section is also amazing with the 100 degree drop and tight inversions!"
Ed, Suffolk, UK.

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