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Photo: Thorpe ParkSamurai: n. Japanese warrior; a member of the military aristocracy.

In Short

Samurai is an exhilarating spin and spew ride, taking riders on a whirlwind journey to heights of 60ft.

Fact File

Opened 2004 Manufacturer Mondial
Ride Type Top Scan Official Rating Extreme Thrills
On Ride Photo No Fastrack Yes
Height Restriction Min 1.4m Chest Restriction Max 52in
Max Revolutions 7.5rpm Max Height 59ft (18m)
Throughput 500 people/hour Max G Force 5


Samurai entrance In swing Suspended riders Full ride
The 6 arms Full view Close up Set against the SAW backdrop
Waiting to ride Against the SAW backdrop


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Ride Music

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TTP Review

Samurai is a Top Scan ride, which originally opened in Chessington World of Adventures in 1999. It soon became clear that Samurai was too intense for Chessington's changing target audience, and so it was moved to Thorpe Park in 2004, after a refurbishment by Mondial in Holland.

Top Scans, when run correctly, are often cited as the best flat rides going. Whilst Samurai is unfortunately not run to its full potential by Thorpe, it nevertheless gives a really fun ride. Riders are seated in rows on one of 6 pods on the end of a mechanical arm. The arm raises the pods and can rotate 360º, in doing so rotating the pods, sometimes through 360º themselves. Most often the arm will make huge circular sweeping motions. Often, riders feel all too close to the nearby SAW roller coaster and trees, and it is this feeling that makes Samurai so exciting. One minute, guests are nearly touching the ride platform, the next, they're are suspended 60ft high over a tangle of coaster track. You are constantly being flipped, inverted and moved around, and the ride soundtrack, fast paced and urgent, compliments the ride perfectly.

We rate Samurai as up there with Thorpe's best. However, your ride on Samurai can vary due to the setting that it's on. If you get it on a fast and intense setting, Samurai is stunning - especially at night. Get it on a slow and bland setting, and Samurai is disappointingly tame (advice: avoid mornings when Samurai is warming up!).

Samurai is placed in between Rush and Detonator in terms of intensity, and adds another unique experience to the Park's considerable flat ride lineup. Queues can move slowly, but the ride will reward those who stand in line. No other ride at Thorpe can throw its guests around in such imaginative ways; you'd be mad to miss it.


  • Fast, disorientating and fun.
  • A unique flat ride.
  • Offers fantastic views of the Park and neighbouring SAW - The Ride.


  • Quality of ride varies hugely, depending on the setting.
  • Nowhere near as intense as similar rides on the travelling fair circuit.
  • Lazy/nonexistent themeing.
Themeing/Presentation OneOneZeroZeroZero
Smoothness/Comfort OneOneOneOneZero
Enjoyment/Fun OneOneOneOneOne
Intensity/Scariness OneOneOneOneZero
Overall OneOneOneOneZero

Bronze Award

Your Reviews

"Samurai is my favourite ride at Thorpe :) I have never been on a slow setting, I always ride around lunchtime! But its too short when busy, so I would ask nicely for the long setting."
Lukee, Sussex, UK.

"This is an immense ride!! It flings you about which is so fun! It's one of my favourites :D"
Ciara, Barnsley, UK.

"Awesome ride! Great duration and fantastically disorientating!!"
Matt, London, UK.

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