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Nemesis Inferno
Photo: Thorpe ParkInferno: n. A very intense and uncontrolled fire.

In Short

Nemesis Inferno is one of Thorpe's best rides: an exceptionally smooth inverted
rollercoaster, impressively themed around a volcano.

Fact File

Opened 2003 Manufacturer Bolliger & Mabillard
Ride Type Inverted Roller Coaster Official Rating Extreme Thrills
On Ride Photo Yes Fastrack Yes
Height Restriction Min 1.4m Chest Restriction Max 52in
Cost £10m Max Height 115ft (35m)
Max Speed 50mph (80km/h) Track Length 2,461ft (750m)
No. Inversions 4 Max G Force 4.5
Throughput 1150 people/hour Duration 90 seconds
Elements Vertical loop, Zero G roll, Interlocking Corkscrews


Vertical loop Top of loop Middle of interlocking corkscrews Corner View from afar
Bottom of first drop First drop Brake run Middle of interlocking corkscrews
Corkscrew First drop Whole volcano First Drop
Vertical loop Close up of loop From the volcano Emerging from the volcano
Exiting lift hill First Drop About to drop Volcano Mist
Nemesis Volcano Lift Hill Zero G Roll Around the corner


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Ride Music

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TTP Review

Nemesis Inferno opened in 2003, being promoted as "The World's Greatest Ride Experience" - the sister coaster of Alton Towers' famous Nemesis. Whilst the ride is probably not the world's greatest ride experience, it could easily claim to be Thorpe Park's...

Inferno is a Bolliger & Mabillard inverted coaster, situated in and around a huge volcano. For our money, B&M are the classiest manufacturers around - the Mercedes Benz of the coaster world, if you will. B&M coasters are reliable, smooth, and great fun to ride - and Nemesis Inferno is no exception.

The station is situated in the middle of the volcano. The train leaves the station, and accelerates down to the right. Riders then enter the depths of the volcano, rushing through special effects such as dry ice and red lighting to simulate the smoke and heat. This first section acts as a gentle introduction to the main ride. At the top of the lift hill, the train shuttles around down to the left, and hits the vertical loop. A water cannon goes off just as the train exits the loop, and riders enter a zero-g roll. Next, the train shuttles into the two interlocking corkscrews, with the on-ride photo being taken after the second. Riders lastly enter a small upward helix before coming to a stop outside the station.

The lush tropical trees and plants in the area complement the volcano theme, and the coaster plays to it well, occasionally getting excitingly close to the foliage. The music is also spot on, serving to create a magical atmosphere in the station, particularly as each train departs (the thumping base is certainly memorable). The centrepiece to the ride, the volcano, is quite a landmark (although viewed from behind it looks disappointingly like a tin shed...), and the themeing goes right down to the mosaic bark placed on the ground.

The Nemesis brand, created for Alton Towers new coaster in 1994, was so strong that Thorpe capitalised on it for this coaster. In some ways this is unfortunate as comparisons between the two become inevitable. "Is it as good as Nemesis at Alton Towers?" is a question often asked. The general consensus is that Alton's Nemesis is the more extreme of the two, and the landscaping around Nemesis gives it a certain edge. Indeed, Alton's ride still features in worldwide "top 10"s, so to beat it would be a tough ask.

Nemesis Inferno is a brilliant ride experience. It ticks almost every box, and was a great investment for the Park in 2003. Whereas other Thorpe coasters divide guest opinion, Nemesis Inferno is almost universally liked. It's a 5 star must-ride.


  • One of the smoothest, and most picturesque, rides at Thorpe Park.
  • High Gs felt at the bottom of the vertical loop.
  • Impressive themeing throughout the ride area.
  • Comfy, unrestrictive seating.


  • Not as intense a ride as the original at Alton Towers.
  • Mist effects and water geysers only intermittently operational.
Themeing/Presentation OneOneOneOneZero
Smoothness/Comfort OneOneOneOneOne
Enjoyment/Fun OneOneOneOneOne
Intensity/Scariness OneOneOneOneOne
Overall OneOneOneOneOne

Gold Award

Your Reviews

"I went on this twice and it is bloody awesome. I loved the upside down bits the best and it was my first Thorpe Park ride. BRILL!"
Bradley, Chalfont St Giles, UK.

"My favourite ride in the park! This ride had great station music, and had a smooth but fast feel to it. The first suspended coaster I actually enjoyed!"
Sasha, Russia.

"Went on this today and it was amazing! I was petrified at first to try it (as I am terrified of all roller coasters) but in the end loved it and went on 4 times."
Tash, Bromley, UK.

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