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Logger's Leap
Photo: Thorpe ParkLogger: n. Lumberman who cuts trees into logs after they have been felled.

In Short

*Logger's Leap is CLOSED for the 2016 Season. It is unknown when, or if, it will re-open.*

Logger's Leap is a traditional Log Flume, and is one of Thorpe's most loved long-standing rides.

Fact File

Opened 1989 Manufacturer Mack
Ride Type Log Flume Official Rating Thrilling and Fun
On Ride Photo Yes Fastrack Yes
Height Restriction Min 1.2m (under 1.3m with an adult) Chest Restriction No
Max Height 53ft (16m) Min G Force 0.75
Max Speed 20mph (32km/h) Track Length 1,709ft (521m)
Throughput 1200 people/hour Duration 5 minutes 30 seconds


2016 Closure - "Under Development"

Undergoing Redevelopment

Historical Photos

Entrance sign Splash and return Returning to the station The drop
Up the conveyor On ride view Splashdown Splashdown
Returning to the station The drop Water feature Splash
Leaving the station Side view of splash Tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales
Ride Board After the drop Exiting the station


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TTP Review

Logger's Leap is a log flume themed around the Canadian Rockies with 2 thrilling drops, one of them in the dark. Riders board their 5-seater "logs", and meander round until they reach the tunnel section. Guests are taken up by a conveyor belt into the darkness and plunge down through the first drop. Pretty thrilling, and for some in the boat, pretty wet! But that was just your taster...

Riders come out of the darkness to enjoy some more winding around scenery. Watch out for the leaking cascade of water above you! Eventually riders reach the second, larger, conveyor belt which takes the logs up to about 55ft. One has just enough time to admire Thorpe's skyline before hurtling downwards, flying over the "bump" halfway down which gives some superb airtime, and splashing down at the bottom. The splash in the bottom of this second drop is certain to get all riders in the boat wet, especially the ones sitting at the front. A convenient viewing spot is located at the bottom of the main drop for other guests to enjoy the reactions of the riders in the boats!

Logger's Leap faced competition from Tidal Wave when Tidal opened in 2000. Logger's doesn't give as intense a ride as Tidal Wave, it isn't as high as Tidal Wave, and definitely doesn't create as big a splash. Yet despite this, it still often gains longer queues than Tidal Wave; a testament to Logger's Leap enduring charm. Perhaps a smaller splash is actually a good thing...

Logger's Leap is a great ride in its own right, and at over 20 years old, deserves its place as one of Thorpe's most loved.


  • Good indoor drop in the dark.
  • Lots of airtime to be had on the main drop.
  • Doesn't get you *too* wet.
  • Entertaining Country and Western soundtrack!


  • Dull cattlepen queue system.
  • Can be cramped if 5 people are all in one log.
  • Indoor drop has not recently been in pitch darkness, which spoils the effect
Themeing/Presentation OneOneOneZeroZero
Smoothness/Comfort OneOneOneZeroZero
Enjoyment/Fun OneOneOneOneZero
Intensity/Scariness OneOneOneZeroZero
Overall OneOneOneZeroZero

Your Reviews

"Don't be fooled by the calm waters! Loggers Leap leaves you DRENCHED!"
Tommy Murray, Bracknell, UK.

"This was a great ride - it was very fun, but not very thrilling. It's weird how you're not strapped in!"
George, Middlesex, UK.

"Amazing!! Go on this ride if there is no queue (which is very common) or even if there is! It's great. Unlike Tidal Wave, this ride has an awesome pitch black taster drop! Then a fantastic double drop at the end, which delivers lots of air time! Don't look at this ride like a pathetic log flume for two year olds, it's fantastic, a must ride."
Matt, London, UK.

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