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Flying Fish
Photo: Thorpe ParkFlying Fish: n. Fish with the ability to glide through the air from water.

In Short

Flying Fish was Thorpe's most loved family ride until its removal in 2004, but returned as a shadow of its former self in 2007.

Fact File

Opened 1990-2004 / 2007 Manufacturer Mack
Ride Type Powered Roller Coaster Official Rating Thrilling and Fun
On Ride Photo Yes Fastrack No
Height Restriction Min 0.9m (under 1.1m with an adult) Chest Restriction No
Max Height 21ft (6m) Max G Force 2.1
Max Speed 18mph (29km/h) Track Length 768ft (234m)
Throughput 1000 people/hour Duration 80 seconds


Fish entrance Dude motif Around the helix Station
Fish train Waiting to board New lake Side view
Close up of entrance From the bridge


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TTP Review

Flying Fish is a Mack Powered Roller Coaster, loosly fitted with the surrounding themeing of Amity Cove. It was removed to make way for Stealth at the end of 2004, but due to high public demand it was reinstalled in a different area of the Park for the 2007 Season. Unfortunately the ride which returned in 2007, whilst being the same ride, did not offer the same experience as the one which left in 2004.

Flying Fish's target market is families with small children - a market which Thorpe Park seemed to be neglecting. It still succeeds in giving children a fun, and has been made more comfortable in its new incarnation thanks to completely new trains with individual seats and lap bars. No more bashing around and squashing the person sitting on the left!

The "fish" train is powered using electricity around the track, and the operator will usually give riders two goes (three if you're lucky!) around the circuit. The area looks colourful and many vistors will no doubt delight in riding again a ride which they thought had gone for good.

However, the ride just isn't the same as before, thanks to one glaring omission in the new installation. Where's the foliage? The old ride was so good because of the fact the train careered around bushes and trees, narrowly missing plants. It dared riders to put their hands out and brush past the vegatation. This doesn't happen any more - the new ride contains a lot of grass and two pools of (increasingly murky) water; hardly very inspiring. Thanks to the lack of plants, the new Flying Fish seems slower and less fun than before.

This is a great shame, and seems to have taken the soul out of the original ride. Flying Fish is still a fun coaster for smaller visitors to cut their teeth on, but it is sadly now a shadow of its former self.


  • Good introductory coaster for young thrill seekers.
  • Great to have a Thorpe classic resurrected.
  • Lovely new fish-themed trains from Mack.


  • No foliage/scenery for the trains to interact with, as had happened previously.
  • Annoying music and announcements, in an attempt to make the Fish "cool".
Themeing/Presentation OneOneZeroZeroZero
Smoothness/Comfort OneOneOneOneZero
Enjoyment/Fun OneOneOneZeroZero
Intensity/Scariness OneOneZeroZeroZero
Overall OneOneOneZeroZero

Your Reviews

"Flying Fish left my 5 year old daughter giggling and laughing and screaming for more. Job done. Excellent little coaster! I remember riding it as Space Station Zero as a kid, and it seemed faster. Funny how things change."
Dan, UK.

"I love this ride! I went on with my Mum - it's good but I'll be on the big ones soon! Stealth here I come!!"
Aidan Stead, Bath, UK.

"I went on Flying Fish yesterday for the 1st time - an excellent ride, and one of my favourites. I like the bit where you go fast around the corners! An excellent coaster :)"
Mae, UK.

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