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Photo: Thorpe ParkDetonator: n. Device used to initiate the reaction of a disrupting explosive.

In Short

Detonator: Bombs Away is an extreme drop tower with quite a punch, subjecting
riders to an amazing 5.5G.

Fact File

Opened 2001 Manufacturer Fabbri
Ride Type Megadrop Official Rating Extreme Thrills
On Ride Photo Yes Fastrack No
Height Restriction Min 1.3m Chest Restriction Max 52in
Max Height 115ft (35m) Max Speed 46mph (74km/h)
Throughput 400 people/hour Max G Force 5.5


Entrance Seating At the top Exit This Way
Top of the tower Angry Bird! 100ft tower Top of the Tower Reaching for the Sky
Ascending the Tower Waiting queueline Riders' expressions Shocked at Detonation!


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TTP Review

Detonator is a 115ft high Fabbri Megadrop, and is easily one of the most intense rides in the park. Riders sit in one of 12 seats in a circle around the tower, and are slowly winched up until they reach the top. At this stage, guests are either feeling scared or admiring the view, when a countdown interrupts the silence:

5..dum..dum.. 4..dum..dum.. 3..dum..dum.. 2..dum..dum.. 1... DETONATE...

Then comes the sharp drop of 100ft; falling faster than gravity, riders noticeably feel themselves lifting off their seat. Arguably, there is no ride in Thorpe Park where guests value their restraints more than on Detonator! At the bottom of the drop, where the breaks kick in, up to 5.5 Gs are pulled, so everyone comes off the ride with the adrenaline really pumping.

Detonator is a superb tower ride. The stomach-in-your-mouth feeling one gets from this ride is rarely matched. There are bigger and more imposing tower rides out there, but not many really come close to the thrill of this one. It's fairly well themed, with cannons dotted around the outside of the ride, and the ride music is exciting - a suspense-building soundtrack prepares you for your adrenaline-filled experience. If there's one gripe with the ride then it's the low throughput - there are only 12 seats, and queues build up quickly. Unfortunately, the ride is short too. Few tower rides can escape these limitations though, so compared like-for-like, Detonator fares very well indeed.

It's intimidating, it's intense, and it's guaranteed to leave riders with their heart pumping. Very few rides in the Park - indeed, very few Drop Towers around the world, even those three times the height - can match this one for thrills. Detonator is, although sparsely themed, a best in class ride. Make it a priority.


  • One of the most intense drop towers in a Theme Park today; utterly thrilling.
  • Offers riders a spectular view of the Park.
  • Large seats make the ride accessible to all - and allow for a lot of airtime.
  • Tension building ride music makes the experience even more scary.


  • Low throughput means that long queues often build.
  • As with all drop towers, the ride time is short.
Themeing/Presentation OneOneOneZeroZero
Smoothness/Comfort OneOneOneOneOne
Enjoyment/Fun OneOneOneOneZero
Intensity/Scariness OneOneOneOneOne
Overall OneOneOneOneZero

Silver Award

Your Reviews

"Most definitely the scariest ride at the Park. You feel like you will die! But that feeling of weightlessness is the most thrilling in Park - AMAZING!"
George, Middlesex, UK.

"I absolutely love Detonator! I have been on it about 10 or 11 times, it's definitely the most scary ride in the Park. But that's why it's so great! The on-ride photos were a great touch to the 2011 season. Certainly in my top 3 rides! Love it! :D"
Will, Calne, UK.

"Very disappointing. Falling is fun, no question. But I certainly wouldn't agree that this is "the most intense ride in the park", nor is it "one of the scariest". It's a basic drop. Nothing more. And only one at that. If you've ever riden Disney's "Tower of Terror" then prepare to be totally underwhelmed by this. Only one drop is pretty poor show really. Had I queued for some time I'd be pretty miffed to end up with a couple of seconds of mediocre ride time."
Gareth, Sussex, UK.

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