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Depth Charge
Photo: TTPDepth Charge: n. A bomb that explodes at a pre-set depth underwater.

In Short

The Depth Charge slides offer families a watery plunge down 40ft on a dinghy.

Fact File

Opened 1991 Manufacturer N. V. Aquatic
Ride Type Water Slide Official Rating Thrilling and Fun
On Ride Photo Yes Fastrack No
Height Restriction Min 0.9m (under 1.1m with an adult) Chest Restriction No
Max Height 39ft (12m) Slide Length 105ft (35m)
Throughput 350 people/hour Duration 10 seconds


Overview of beach Aerial view The slides Full length view
Side view Head on Close up of ship Back view Fastrack Booth
Racing boats Riders coming to the end of their ride An employee has a ride!
Amity Beach


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TTP Review

Depth Charge is a simple 4-lane water slide. Riders queue for what can be ages (due to a very low ride throughput), board their rubber dinghies (either individually or in pairs), and are launched down the slide via a tilting ramp. The slides offer small amounts of airtime on the bumps, and a satisfyingly splashy ending, but the ride is over in seconds.

Depth Charge does fit in well with Neptune's Kingdon and the beach area. Families will often bring their swimming costumes to Thorpe Park, and spend the afternoon on Depth Charge, the beach and the Wet Wet Wet! slides. However, there's almost certainly a better use of the large space this section of the Park takes up...

Depth Charge can get and often does get very busy. For a ride that lasts seconds and is not hugely thrilling, queueing for over 30 minutes is really not worth it - especially if you're seeking big thrills. Depth Charge is a nice addition for parents with young children, but overall, the ride experience is limited.


  • A well themed (if a little tatty-looking) area.
  • Not too intense.
  • Racing with friends is fun!


  • Very low throughput makes for long queues.
  • Ride time is less than 10 seconds...
Themeing/Presentation OneOneOneZeroZero
Smoothness/Comfort OneOneOneZeroZero
Enjoyment/Fun OneOneOneZeroZero
Intensity/Scariness OneOneZeroZeroZero
Overall OneOneOneZeroZero

Your Reviews

"When I went on Depth Charge I couldn't see where I was going because my friend was in front of me! I felt sick on it but I had lots of fun. 9/10."
Hollie, London, UK.

"I went to the UK on holiday and I think that this ride is too short, still fun, but not the best."
Shakira Pesalski, New York, USA.

"This is pointless, don't go on it. If you want to go on a ride like this go to a smaller Park where they are the main attractions. Pointless queueing for 45 minutes just for a dingy ride. Waste of time."
Ed, Suffolk, UK.

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