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Photo: Thorpe ParkColossus: n. Someone or something abnormally large and powerful.

In Short

Colossus is a record-breaking roller coaster that propelled Thorpe Park to the premier league of UK Theme Parks, but has aged badly and divides opinion.

Fact File

Opened 2002 Manufacturer Intamin AG
Ride Type Multi Inversion Coaster Official Rating Extreme Thrills
On Ride Photo Yes Fastrack Yes
Height Restriction Min 1.4m Chest Restriction Max 52in
Cost £10m Max Height 98ft (30m)
Max Speed 45mph (72km/h) Track Length 2,789ft (850m)
No. Inversions 10 Max G Force 4.2
Throughput 1050 people/hour Duration 90 seconds
Elements Vertical loop, Cobra roll, Corkscrew x 2, Heartline Roll x 5


Colossus entrance Entrance Turnaround First drop
Station First drop Vertical loop Top of the loop Medusa waterfall
Exiting the lift hill Whole ride view First Drop By Storm Surge
Vertical loop Cobra roll Corkscrew Coming out of the corkscrew
Inline twist On ride shot Final turnaround Inline twists


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TTP Review

Colossus opened in 2002 as a world's first ride - the only roller coaster with ten inversions. It cost £10 million and is based on the eight-looping Monte Mayaka from Brazil's Terra Encantada Park. Designer John Wardley added two more inline twists at the end of the circuit to beat the inversion record - which Colossus held until 2012 when 11 Inversion Coaster opened at Jinling Happy World in China.

The lift hill takes riders to 98ft, and as the train curves down the first drop, the now-unmistakable roar thunders around the ride area. Strong positive Gs can be felt at the bottom of the first inversion, the vertical loop. The train then takes a bunny hop under the shop - which gives fantastic airtime - and into the cobra roll. The cobra roll is one of the more exhilarating manoeuvres of the run, and inverts riders twice. After exiting the roll, riders enter two consecutive corkscrews - your on-ride photo being taken after the second. After a 180 degree turn, the train enters four clockwise inline twists, which are taken frighteningly slowly; cause for most riders to really start appreciating their restraints! And then, just when you think it's all over, perhaps the ride's greatest trick happens - one last anticlockwise inline twist. This completely takes first-time riders by surprise; brilliant.

It's not only the ride itself which impresses. The whole area is very well crafted - the Colossus queue line and walkway is right under the whole ride structure. This means that guests are very close to the track, making it an exciting ride just to watch. Special mention must also go to the ride music played in the area and the queue lines - it compliments the theme of the ride superbly, and does a great job of psyching you up for your ride.

When Colossus was opened, it really pushed Thorpe into the major league of UK parks, and rightly so. It was a daring investment for a Park with relatively few thrills, and ushered in an exciting new direction for the Park. Colossus can only be considered a huge success. However, this coaster is now starting to show signs of age. The track is in desperate need of a repaint, and the trains are looking old. It has also become noticeably rougher, so beware of headbanging. It's a good idea to keep your head forward when riding.

In 2002, this ride was a 5 star attraction. Due to the unfortunate issues described above, it must now drop a star. Don't be put off though - if you're happy to have your coasters rough and ready, Colossus is still not to be missed.


  • Well paced, disorientating, and fun ride throughout.
  • Front row seats offer guests one of the best ride experiences the Park has to offer.
  • The coaster has an amazing interaction with the scenery and guests.
  • Colossus rightly made a name for Thorpe Park when it opened in 2002.


  • A very rough ride; Colossus has not aged well.
  • Trains are uncomfortable for larger/taller guests.
  • Track needs a repaint.
Themeing/Presentation OneOneOneOneZero
Smoothness/Comfort OneOneZeroZeroZero
Enjoyment/Fun OneOneOneOneZero
Intensity/Scariness OneOneOneOneOne
Overall OneOneOneOneZero

Bronze Award

Your Reviews

"This really put Thorpe Park on the map as a major thrill-seekers park and although it has aged a little with time and become a little rough in places it still provides in my opinion the best overall ride experience. It's not too short like some of the other roller coasters so longer queues are still worth it and the consecutive inline twists are insanely dizzying and another example of John Wardley's genius when it comes to helping design rides. Also the scenery and themeing is amongst the parks best in my opinion. I particularly like the queueline music!"
Adam, UK.

"The ride is the best ride at the Park for me, I will always remember the 10 hardcore loops. The ride is a little bumpy but I can handle it. The finale loop at the end takes you by suprise if you're a first time rider!"
Shaquille, Dagenham, UK.

"If you go on this first of all when the gates open then the queue will be very quick (obviously) which then builds up to the same lengths as Nemesis Inferno and Saw. It's a really fun ride. Not very scary but is one of the most exciting rides in the Park!"
Ed, Suffolk, UK.

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