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Hopefully this page will answer any questions you have about Total Thorpe Park. If it doesn't and you'd like to know more, or if you have any comments or queries, then please do get in touch via email here.

General Info:

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Total Thorpe Park History:

Total Thorpe Park is a fan's website of Thorpe Park, Chertsey. Its aim is to enthuse and excite, and provide visitors with everything they need to know about Thorpe Park for a forthcoming trip.

The first version of Total Thorpe Park appeared on the web in the form of a a small pilot site, which was launched on 2nd September 2003 on Yahoo! Geocities with a ".tk" domain name. Following feedback from a handful of visitors, TTP went live again on 20th March 2004 with more content on more reliable servers. After just over a season online, TTP was again taken off the web in December 2004 for another redesign, and it opened again on 16th March 2005 with new look, and a new "" domain name.

At the end of the 2005 season, the decision was made to scrap the dark backgrounds and fonts that TTP had used since the beginning of the project. It was back to the drawing board for the biggest redesign yet, and Total Thorpe Park v.4 launched with lighter colours and a new logo on opening day 2006. This design served the website well with only a few cosmetic tweaks here and there over the years - including a new logo in 2009 and background design in 2010. The site's visitor numbers grew quickly in these years, with regular coverage of the construction of SAW - The Ride and of The Swarm ensuring a steady volume of traffic.

After five years of v.4, the design had become stale and the site again needed a refresh. Over the closed season 2011/2012, version 5 of Total Thorpe Park was launched, and is the one you are looking at today. Launched on 29th January 2012, TTP is now a bigger website with a warmer blue palette, more images, new fonts and new navigation tabs. All of the content has been rewritten and refreshed for this new version - we hope you like it!

It would be fair to say that Total Thorpe Park has come a long way since its early days; today it is one of the longest running, and most popular, unofficial Thorpe Park fansites on the web.

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Q: Can I be part of the TTP Webmaster Team?
A: TTP does not need anyone else to help with the running of the site at present.

Q: Where is TTP hosted?
A: TTP is hosted by the lovely people over at 123-Reg.

Q: Can I use any pictures, media or text from this site?
A: This would infringe copyright laws. All content is © Ben Case, unless otherwise stated. In order to remain as original as possible, it is forbidden for any content from the site to be used or distributed without prior permission.

Q: What fonts are you using?
A: The Total Thorpe Park logo font is Kristen ITC and our slogan font is PhatBold. Standard text is in Trebuchet.

Q: What should I do if I've found a mistake on TTP?
A: If you have found a mistake, apologies! We endeavor to ensure that the content here is as reliable as possible, however can accept no responsibility for out of date or incorrect information contained on the site. Please inform us of any errors you may have come across by e-mailing here.

Q: Can I link to TTP?
A: If you would like to link to TTP, then please use the following link: Hotlinking directly to a photo or any other media is not permitted. If you would like a link in return, please email us here!

Q: Can I contact Thorpe Park?
A: Yes, but not through this website. Use the official site, here, to get your query answered by Thorpe Park directly.

To talk to a member of the Thorpe Park team, use the Guest Services call centre number: 0871 663 1673. If you'd like to contact the Park via post, their address is as follows:

Thorpe Park
Staines Road
KT16 8PN

Q: I have another question not listed here. How can I contact TTP?
A: Send all correspondence to us here. Ensure "TTP Feedback" is in the subject line. Thanks!

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