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Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes: Thrills Workshop

In 2012 Total Thorpe Park was fortunate to be given access to the Park's Thrill Workshop; a warehouse full of old Thorpe memorabilia! The Thrills Workshop can be seen as you enter the Park; just before entering the Dome from the entrance bridge, the Workshop is to your right (see below).

The Thrills Workshop is primarily used for Thorpe Park education talks and school visits, as well as being used as a storage warehouse for artifacts from Thorpe's past. Inside you can see old maps, signage, character costumes and even disused ride parts! This "Behind the Scenes" feature offers a glimpse into the gems that can be found in the Thrills Workshop...

The Thrills Workshop

Old Maps

As you enter the Thrills Workshop, these framed maps are displayed on the left wall. They certainly show how the Park has grown up in the last 25 years!

The 1988 Map The 1989 Map The 1993 Map The 1997 Map
1988 1989 1993 1997

The Thrills Workshop

Thorpe signage Blows It Up effigy Curse and Rangers Inferno wheel cover
Thorpe Park signage 2011 Blows It Up effigy The Curse + Rangers Inferno wheel cover
Thorpe Park Rangers Ride wheels Fright Nights 10th birthday cake 2044/2011 adverts
Thorpe Park Rangers Ride wheels FN cake 2004/2011 Advert
Freak Show 3D maze SS Octopus Ride parts SAW mannequin K'nex models
Freak Show 3D Live SS Octopus Shop Ride part/wheel SAW prop K'nex models
Farm advert Jungle Fever at Thorpe Park Ride parts Summer/Fireworks adverts
Farm advert Jungle Fever! Ride parts Summer/Fireworks ads
Octopus Garden ride cars Thorpe Park Rangers sign Entrance area More signage
Slippery Serpent cars Rangers sign Entrance area More signage

2009 Wooden Coaster Plans

Since 2003, Thorpe Park has adopted a growth strategy of adding a major rollercoaster installation every 3 years. The decisions as to what these major attractions will be are not taken lightly, and there are often many competing ideas for the investment. Here's a look into one of these competing ideas for the 2009 investment - a Great Coasters International Inc wooden rollercoaster to sit in the space that SAW - The Ride now occupies.

The ride plans look hugely exciting - tracking through the Logger's Leap tunnel and a station fly-by and fly-under! If you've been on GCII's Millennium Flyer trains you'll know just how improved wooden coasters are these days, when compared to, say, rides like the Big Dipper at Blackpool Pleasure Beach (opened in 1923!). Unfortunately, much to the enthusiast's chagrin, UK parks are reluctant to build wooden coasters, due to the fear that such rides would be hard to market to the UK audience. Wooden rides are seen as outdated and tame - but this often couldn't be further from the truth. With the UK's only decent wooden offering being 1996's Megafobia at Oakwood, here's hoping that Thorpe Park revisit these plans in the near future...

Proposed coaster Top down view Side profile
Proposed coaster Top down view Side profile
Ride description Close up of plans
Ride description Close up of plans

With thanks to the European Coaster Club and Thorpe Park for making this "Behind the Scenes" possible.

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