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Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes: Monks Walk

It's actually very easy to get a glimpse of Thorpe Park "behind the scenes" without having to step foot into the Park at all. To the south of the Theme Park runs a public footpath by the name of "Monks Walk", which aside from being a lovely walk, offers views into the Park from quite a different angle.

Where is it?

Monks Walk starts in the village of Thorpe, on Coldharbour Lane. The entrance is a little hidden back from the road, next to Thorpe Village Hall and St Mary's Church.

Public Footpath Entrance

How long is it?

The footpath itself is just over 1.5 miles long, and ends at Ferry Lane (it ducks under the A320 and runs alongside the M3). The first and last 1/3rd of the path is woodland, but the middle section is where walkers can get interesting views of the Park.

It is actually possible to exit the walk just after the A320, which makes the walk just over a mile, as shown in the maps below. At an average pace, you could walk along in no more than 25 minutes.

Google Map Entrance from above Close up on Map

What's the walk like?

Very pleasant! Mostly Monks Walk is a walk through a heavily wooded area. It's especially popular with dog walkers. The path takes you along flat terrain, with a bridge or two to take you over the lakes.

Warning First bridge View of the Park Access road
Alongside Loggers Second bridge Discarded Thorpe Park Pick n Mix bucket!
Ending to the walk Alongside the M3

What can you see?

Monks Walk takes you behind Rumba Rapids, Nemesis Inferno and Logger's Leap, so walkers can get a glimpse of the "backstage" areas that the average Park-goer doesn't get to see...

Rumba Rapids

Digger Rumba Station Tree work Dummies
Boats without rubber bottoms Boat without rubber bottom

Nemesis Inferno

First turn out of station Back of Inferno station Side of ride

Logger's Leap

Canada Creek station Canada Creek railway Looking into Canada Creek
Logger's splashdown Logger's lift Logger's trough

Monks Walk is a public footpath, but Thorpe Park itself is private property; do not trespass!
Photos taken December 2014.

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