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Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes: Lift Hill Walk

New for the 2014 season, Thorpe Park started to offer VIP events and special packages, in addition to Park entry tickets. Included in the new offerings were backstage tours, birthday deals and lift hill walks - and it is the latter that Total Thorpe Park went to check out.

The Park's advertising runs: "End your day with a VIP Coaster Climb up one of THORPE PARK Resort’s world-class rollercoasters. Secured into a full-body harness, one of our experienced team will lead you up more than 180 steps to the top of your chosen ride... once at the top, take in a beautiful 360º panoramic view of THORPE PARK Resort, with views stretching to the Wembley Arch and Windsor Castle on a clear day."

Panorama at the top of The Swarm

We had a choice of which Thorpe Park coaster to do the lift hill climb on (Colossus, Nemesis Inferno and The Swarm were all on offer), and we went with The Swarm, because it is the tallest option of the lot at 127ft! We did the walk on a pleasant August evening, at 7:30pm after the Park had closed for the day.

The body harnesses are very comfortable, and you are secured to the ride itself by a rope attached to a rail, so that there is no chance of wandering off at the top. It's also worth saying that the staff members that accompany you up are very helpful and informative - no question is too small or silly!

The views at the top are, as expected, fantastic - particularly on a clear day:

Towards Lost City Colossus Rush X
Nemesis Inferno Tidal Wave Tidal Wave
Stealth Stealth Train Flying Fish Towards Car Park

Views stretch as far back to the City of London (the Gherkin, Walkie Talkie, and London Eye are all clearly visible), as well as across to Wembley Stadium 15 miles away - see below!

City of London Wembley Stadium Park Entrance

Of course, walking up the lift hill of The Swarm also provides great views of The Swarm itself!

Lift Hill Climb Swarm layout Aeroplane Billboard Location of a future development?
Sunset over The Swarm

If you are interested in having a VIP lift hill walk yourself, or any of the other VIP experiences that the Park offers, you can find out more on the official website here.

With thanks to Thorpe Park for making this "Behind the Scenes" possible.

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