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Thorpe Blast

Thorpe Blast 2007

Here's our review and photos of Thorpe's Bonfire Night Extravaganza:

TTP Review:

"2007 saw the first Fireworks event at Thorpe Park for 4 years, and it proved to be a fantastic end to the Season! Not a lot had changed around the Park; in fact, if you didn't venture near the Vortex area, you probably wouldn't have even known that there was anything special about the day, but when it came to 7pm, the fireworks didn't disappoint.

The Fireworks

What I liked about Thorpe Blast was that for the first time, Thorpe Park were actively using their new "Project Link" sound system. Thorpe Park had spent the best part of a year getting this project up and running, and after much cable laying, Thorpe are now able to control all Park audio from one central base, as well as put out Park-wide announcements. So at Thorpe Blast, come half past 6, guests were treated to a cheery reminder telling them that the fireworks would begin in half an hour. Nicely done.

The viewing area was where the Thorpe Belle used to sit; the boat had been moved nearer to the entrance bridge for the event. The fireworks were situated out on the lake itself, and so if you got there early enough and stood on the lake edge, you got a great view of all the action. Sensibly, numbers were limited on the actual viewing area itself; otherwise there would have been a bit of a bundle - but for those not fortunate enough to bag a place in the viewing area, the fireworks could be seen from most points around the Park.

After Colossus was shut down (it was the only ride that needed to close for the Fireworks, 6:55pm - 7:20pm), Project Link was used to broadcast a countdown for the fireworks to begin. And they were pretty spectacular! They were well timed to the music (Apollo 440: Stop The Rock, Chemical Brothers: Galvanise, Scissor Sisters: I Don't Feel Like Dancin', Robyn: With Every Heartbeat, Jakatta: American Dream, Basement Jaxx: Where's Your Head At, Mika: Grace Kelly and Faithless: Insomnia) and very varied. The only grumbles were that the music was quite loud, so the fireworks didn't seem as loud as they should have been, and the actual display only lasted about 15 minutes or so. This did mean that guests had another 45 minutes of riding time before the Park shut, however.

In any case, aside from the minor negatives, you have to commend Thorpe for trying something new - the event was certainly a success (although I'm not sure the gate figure did it justice), and I personally hope that Thorpe Park keep it in the calendar for the 2008 Season!"

Ben Case


Thorpe Blast Sign
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