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New to Thorpe? Or are you returning to the Park and want to have an even better day than last time? Either way, our top 10 tried and tested tips will save you both time and money:

1) Go early:

To make the most of your day, set off early. It can get very busy around the Park, and roads can (and often) get congested. Go early, get a good parking space for the car, and beat the queues for entrance tickets. Make sure you know the exact opening time for the day you are going on (check out our Opening Times section), and get there just a bit before that time to ensure a good first hour enjoying the smaller queues! The big 'coasters and water rides (on hot days) get especially busy after lunchtime.

2) Get your Car Park ticket at the start of your day:

The charge for the car park stands at £5, and is pretty unavoidable if travelling to the Park by car. You will need a car parking ticket to get through the barriers when you leave, so avoid delays later on by grabbing your ticket at the ticket booths when you enter the Park. It avoids hassle at the end of the day when everyone is trying to get out of the Park at the same time and could save you minutes of sitting in car park queues.

Car Park ticket

3) Use vouchers:

Whoever pays full price for a visit to Thorpe Park is wasting their money. There are so many offers and vouchers around that can be used, so don't plan a trip to the Park without researching what's available. Have a look at our excellent ticket deals and short break offers in our Tickets section, or try Martin Lewis' MoneySavingExpert for the latest vouchers available.

4) Avoid busy days:

If you really want to beat the queues, then don't go on busy days. Go on school days if you can - school INSET days are great if you're a student. Weekdays are guaranteed to be quieter. Predicted bad weather can also put people off, especially at off-peak times.

As a rule, the months of April (Easter), June, July, August (Summer) & October (Halloween) are busier than March, May, September & November. If the weather's good on these quieter months, you'll get a good many rides in and have a great day for it!

5) Use Fastrack:

Fastrack operates on many of the major rides; for a fee you can beat the queue and walk straight on. This is a great facility, and if you don't mind the cost, it is advisable that you use it on busy days - especially for the mazes during peak Fright Nights. For more queueing advice, click here.

6) Advertised queue times are not always accurate:

When you see signs in the queue line saying: "Approx 30 mins from this point", don't always trust them. Queues can go substanitally faster or slower than these signs will have you believe; the approx. times for them are quite often unreliable. The same goes for the electronic boards - they are not updated as often as they could be. So don't put all your faith in them, go over to the ride and have a look for yourself. Trust your own judgement.

7) Don't overdo it and end up feeling ill:

Being ill can really ruin your day. When you've just eaten your Burger King meal, think before you rush straight over to Colossus... unless you have a very strong stomach! Take time to let any food go down - you have the whole day to get on the rides. Try some of the more gentle rides (perhaps have a go on Rumba Rapids), or just relax - and then go on Colossus! Being ill or feeling sick can ruin your day, so take it easy!

8) Don't have lunch at lunchtime:

Everyone in the Park will consider having lunch at the same time. Don't rush to Burger King, Pizza Hut or any other Park restaurant between the hours of 12:30pm - 2.30pm; everyone will be there. Go early (before 12pm) or late (after 3pm) - or eat your lunch whilst queuing for a ride. Get something quick, and have a bigger meal later. Taking ages having lunch can be a waste of your day at Thorpe; think about how many rides you're losing out on riding because you're having a long lunch!

9) Get an Annual Pass:

If you go to Thorpe Park a lot, then get either a Thorpe Park or Merlin Entertainments Annual Pass. If you paid full price to enter, then you could buy a Thorpe Park Annual Pass, get your entrance money refunded, and you would only have to go again once more to make your Annual Pass worthwhile. Even if you got a discount on your entrance ticket - your Annual Pass could still be worthwhile if you made 2 or 3 more visits. And don't forget - entrance is free to loads of other UK attractions with the Merlin Pass too! For more info on the Annual Pass options available, click here.

10) Think about clothing:

Don't wear things that may ruin your day! Be sensible - you are at a Theme Park, and will probably be riding on many extreme rides. So don't wear something that you find uncomfortable, because you're not going to enjoy the rides if you do. Jeans are also never a good idea if you plan on going on any of the water rides - especially Tidal Wave - as denim takes ages to dry out! If it's going to be wet, take a coat (umbrellas are a bit impractical and large). If it's going to be hot - you will probably be going on a busy day and will be standing around in queues for a long time - so to avoid getting burnt, put on suncream. And secure comfy shoes are a must, so wearing flip flops is generally unadvisable...

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