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There are many ways in which you can spend your money whilst at Thorpe Park. Here's a little feature on what there is to buy...

The Main Shops:

There are 7 main shops that you can buy your Thorpe Park merchandise from: the Colossus Shop, Inferno Shop, Stealth Shop, SAW Store, Emergency Supplies (Swarm), Sweets and Souvenirs (in the Dome), and the Thorpe Mega Store. Obviously, Colossus Shop, Inferno Shop, Stealth Shop, SAW Store and Emergency Supplies are situated next to their respective rides, and contain general Thorpe Park merchandise as well as ride-specific items. The Thorpe Mega Store and Sweets and Souvenirs are the main shops from which you can buy Thorpe Park merchandise - items relating to all of the major attractions as well other non-Thorpe related items. Cuddly toys, clothing, homeware, stationery and more is available, as well as clothing from the likes of Bench and Quiksilver. Prices tend to range from reasonable to expensive, as is often the way with Theme Parks.

Click on the thumbnails below for a look in the larger shops:

Thorpe Mega Store Thorpe Mega Store Thorpe Mega Store Amity Flock N Shop
Thorpe Mega Store Mega Store Entrance Inside Mega Store Amity Flock N Shop
Inside Colossus Shop Inside Inferno Shop Inside Emergency Supplies
Colossus Shop Inferno Shop Swarm Shop
Inside Sweets and Souvenirs Thorpe Park merchandise Pick 'n' Mix
Sweets & Souvenirs Thorpe Park merch Pick 'n' Mix

Other Stalls:

There are a few other smaller stalls that sell Thorpe merchandise. For example, sometimes outside Tidal Wave you can find a stall selling ponchos to keep riders dry on the ride. Sweets & Souvenirs in the Dome is a smaller version of Thorpe Mega Store, and will sell a small variety of Thorpe products. On busier days, other stalls will be set up around the park (including in queuelines), selling ice creams, drinks and sweets.

On-Ride Photo Stations:

A lot of guests like to buy souvenirs from their visit in the form of on-ride photos. Most of the major rides have on-ride photo facilities provided by Picsolve; see Ride Ratings to find out which ones do. On Ride photos can come in a variety of items - photographs, keyrings, magnets - even T-Shirts and mousemats! Prices range from around £10 to £20 for an on-ride photo product.

SAW - The Ride and The Swarm also have an on-ride video option, allowing guests to buy a DVD of their ride! These DVDs are £12 each, and a short clip of the movie can be viewed before purchasing.

Gaming at Thorpe:

There are lots of opportunities for gaming at Thorpe. Arcades are present in areas such as Port Atlantis and in the Inferno Shop in Calypso Quay. There are many other games that you can have a go at dotted around the park - most noticeably in Ranger County and by the Arena. Games such as Buzz Wires and Hoopla are available to play for quite a high price per go (£2-£3 in most cases), but offer substantial prizes if you win. Annual Pass holders can take advantage of 2 for 1 at the game stalls. You're not short of gaming opportunities at Thorpe Park!

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