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Queueing is a major part of any Theme Park trip. Sometimes guests spend hours queueing for what is essentially a 2 minute ride. Across a whole day at a Theme Park, you could be spending around 8 hours queuing for just over 15 minutes of ride time!

Thankfully there are ways to reduce this queue time - and we don't mean by queue jumping! Be aware that Park rules state that "anyone found or seen queue jumping may be ejected from the Park". Thankfully Thorpe Park has in place a number of legitimate ways in which you can beat the queues:


Fastrack is probably the most well known method of beating the queues. For a fee, you can get priority passes to all of Thorpe's major rides and attractions - meaning that you skip the queue and get rides in without the waiting. If purchased, guests receive an slip that allocates a time that they can ride the ride(s) on the ticket without queuing.

Every Fastrack ride has a dedicated entrance (sometimes the ride exit) for Fastrack ticket holders, ensuring that ticket holders can board their ride efficiently. Each ride on the ticket can only be Fastracked once (unless you opt for the Fastrack Unlimited ticket); ride attendants will either take your slip or mark on it to enforce this rule. For an example Fastrack ticket for Storm Surge, see below.

Fastrack Ticket for Storm Surge

The Park even offers an "Unlimited Fastrack" option, meaning unlimited queue-jumping for your entire day, on all rides in the Park! Obviously, daily numbers of these types of tickets are limited, so get to the Park early if you'd like to purchase one!

For all current Fastrack prices, take a look at Park Info.

Parent Swap

This system is ideal for families: Parent Swap can be used by parents who want to ride the big rides, but have children that are not old enough to ride the big rides yet. Ask at Guest Services, and staff will give you a Parent Swap Pass. This entitles one parent to ride an attraction, whilst the other looks after the children. Following the first parent's ride the parents swap, and the other parent can look after the children whilst the second parent has their go on the ride. Essentially under this system one parent has queued on behalf of both.

It's a facility designed to allow parents to go on the big attractions, taking into account that the children have to be looked after. Parent Swap is only available on selected rides.

Normal Queue

If the above 3 options aren't viable, then guests can join the main queues. On quiet days, Thorpe's queues are fast moving and bearable. On busier days, have a look at the electronic boards dotted around the Park to see which rides have the shortest queues. But, as mentioned in the Thorpe Tips section - these boards are not always 100% accurate. Always have a look at the queue yourself and judge its length before you join it.

For further information on any of these methods of queueing, just ask at Guest Services on Park.

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