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This section provides some extra info and handy hints that will make any THORPE PARK Resort trip even more enjoyable.

If you want basic information, such as opening times, or prices, then have a look at "Park Info" - use the tab above - but for all of the extra things you should know before you go, look no further:

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Queues can ruin your day at a Theme Park. Improve your chances of getting on all the rides by checking out these handy hints to beat the queues.

Ride Ratings
A complete list of all of THORPE PARK Resort's rides and attractions, alongside our review scores, their official intensity ratings and any ride restrictions.

There are many ways to spend at THORPE PARK Resort - this guide shows what's on offer in the shops and stalls.

Thorpe Tips
Total Thorpe Park's Top Tips for a really great day out, compiled from years of experience on Park.

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