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Thorpe Park Megastore

The Thorpe Park Megastore has always been the focal point for shopping at Thorpe Park, and in 2011 it received an overhaul along with the installation of Storm Surge. Here you can see it before it had its refresh.

Thorpe Park Megastore Thorpe Park Megastore

Closure of Octopus Garden (1980s - 2010)

During the 2010 season the Park announced that due to their "constantly researching and looking to develop our product offering", Octopus Garden would be removed by the end of the year to make way for 2011 installation, Storm Surge. "This closure ensures that we are continuing to develop the Park’s overall objective to establish its brand positioning within the very competitive industry, as the nation’s Thrill Capital".

Slippery Serpent was the first to go (fish-themed round ride), and was swiftly followed by Ollie Octopus, Swinging Seashells, Up Periscope, Happy Halibuts, Fantasy Fish, Pirates Lagoon & Galleon Race. With the removal of Miss Hippos's Fungle Safari in 2008 and Thorpe Farm in 2006, the demise of Octopus Garden was the latest sign of the Park moving towards a thrill-seeking audience only.

Galleon Racers Happy Hallibuts Slippery Serpent Up Periscope
Ollie Octopus Octopus Garden sign Slippery Serpent Octopus Garden overview

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Storm Surge: Plans

Storm Surge was a cheap addition for Thorpe Park, having been acquired from the closed Cyprus Gardens in Florida. Merlin Entertainments, parent company to both, bought out Cypress Gardens in 2009 and re-opened it as Legoland Florida in 2011. As part of the closure, it demolished and sold many of the Park's rides, and in doing so sent Storm Surge over the Atlantic to Thorpe Park for the 2011 season.

The ride replaced the old Octopus Garden kids' area, with the plans noting that "the MTDP (04-10) included provision for 5 round rides... an updated MTDP (05-10) identified 3 capacity rides that Thorpe Park wished to proceed with, in place of the original 5 round rides. It has been agreed with Runnymede Borough Council that [Storm Surge] will be installed in place of 2 of the 3 approved capacity rides". Interestingly, the plans note that "the ride will not directly increase visitor numbers, but will supplement existing facilities at the Park".
Ride Overview Ride Area Previous Octopus Garden layout Close up of Ride Area Whole Park view
Side Profile Side Profile Side Profile
Pump House Existing Octopus Garden

Storm Surge: Construction

October 2010
Amity Cove sign Advert Ride Diagram
Diggers on site Foundations From the Mega Store
Through the reeds Site View Entrance Advert

Thorpe Park Entrance

As photographed in 2011.

Entrance 2011

Closure of Canada Creek Railway (1989 - 2011)

Canada Creek Railway took its last passengers in 2011 after the Park decided its dwindling popularity could no longer justify its high running costs. The train had run to and from Thorpe Farm from 1989, and continued to operate as a circular track ride around Canada Creek (the "Bear Hunt") when the Farm was closed in 2006.

One of Thorpe's "classic" rides, the absence of the beautiful steam-powered trains is now considered a loss by many.

Front of train Bear Hunt POV Leaving the station
Bear Hunt sign How many bears? Ride sign Front of train Train in motion

Closure of Time Voyagers (2008 - 2011)

Time Voyagers was the replacement film for the original Pirates 4D, which operated from 1999 to 2007. In 2008, Time Voyagers - an import from sister Park Gardaland - replaced the film, but closed at the end of the 2011 season due to poor guest feedback (most agree it was an inferior replacement to P4D) and declining visitor numbers.

Entrance to Theatre Time Voyagers banner Wall themeing
Ride Area
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