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SAW - The Ride: Plans

Rumours as to what the fourth major 'coaster installation at Thorpe Park would be were rife prior to the announcement of SAW - The Ride. Hot favourites included a B&M Flyer (similar to Air at Alton Towers) and a Wooden 'coaster (see below for more on this), but the Park chose to invest heavily in an IP and subsequently spend comparatively less on the ride structure, opting for a Gerstlauer Eurofighter. Eurofighters are known for their short trains which enable far more twisted track layouts than is usual - and are also cheaper to build.

The ride was marketed as the "world's first horror-movie themed 'coaster" and promised to be the "world's most terrifying 'coaster". The planning documents compare the ride to Speed in Oakwood (see comparison photos below), a similar Gerstlauer Eurofighter. Versus Speed however, SAW - The Ride's lift hill is 5 metres lower and car speed is 14% lower, and the SAW track is filled with sand to dampen noise, unlike Oakwood's ride. The plans also point out that a significant part of the SAW experience is the indoor section, which also differentiates it from Speed.

Layout of new ride Track Layout Side Profile Side ProfileQueueline
Comparison with Speed Themeing Station Station Detail
Viewpoint Viewpoint

Artist's impressions of the ride played up the dark nature of the themeing, with Lionsgate (studio that produces the SAW films) providing many props from the films for the ride queueline area.

Artists impression Artists impression Artists impression

SAW - The Ride Construction

February 2007

Lake infilling With Samurai Diggers

April 2007

Infilling complete

April 2008

Progress on infilling With Samurai

October 2008

From the Bridge Track rising From Logger's Leap From Colossus
Through the inline twist Marketing Dome Advert

November 2008

From the Bridge Drop and loop Station


From 13th July 2008, Thorpe Park began a series of videos that would be uploaded to YouTube every month on the 13th of every month, to create hype around the ride. Videos released appear below - including the name reveal on 13th October!

13th July:

13th August:

13th September:

13th October:

13th November:

SAW - The Ride: Alternative Wooden Coaster Plans

Here's what could have been - one of the competing ideas for the 2009 investment was a Great Coasters International Inc wooden rollercoaster to sit in the space that SAW - The Ride now occupies!

The ride plans look hugely exciting - tracking through the Logger's Leap tunnel and a station fly-by and fly-under! If you've been on GCII's Millennium Flyer trains you'll know just how improved wooden coasters are these days, when compared to, say, rides like the Big Dipper at Blackpool Pleasure Beach (opened in 1923!). Unfortunately, much to the enthusiast's chagrin, UK parks are reluctant to build wooden coasters, due to the fear that such rides would be hard to market to the UK audience. Wooden rides are seen as outdated and tame - but this often couldn't be further from the truth. With the UK's only decent wooden offering being 1996's Megafobia at Oakwood, here's hoping that Thorpe Park revisit these plans in the near future...

Proposed coaster Top down view Side profile
Ride description Close up of plans

Dome Panorama

A view from the Dome across the Park in 2009:

Dome Panorama 2009

30th Anniversary Flowerbed

30th birthday flowerbed
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