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2007 Closed Season

Total Thorpe Park had the chance to have a look around the Park in "closed season" in February 2007. Below you can see photos of some of the rides when being stripped down and refurbished prior to the March opening, including Detonator, Slammer, Miss Hippo's Fungle Safari and Tidal Wave:

Detonator Detonator Canada Creek Slammer
Fungle Safari Tidal Wave Tidal Wave

Closure of Pirates 4D (1999 - 2007)

2008 saw Pirates 4D, first open in 1999, replaced with another 4D film, Time Voyagers - so 2007 was its last year. Time Voyagers had come straight from a Tussauds sister Park, Gardaland in Italy, and the new film even still had the Gardaland logo feature at the end of the show!

Pirates 4D is to this day one of the most successful 4D films to be created for a Theme Park, being featured at Busch Gardens Tampa, Busch Gardens Williamsburg, SeaWorld San Antonio, Sea World Australia, Mirabilandia, Six Flags New England and Phantasialand. Starring Leslie Neilson, it tells the story of Davie, a cabin boy betrayed by Captain Lucky, who sets a number of traps (with the help of his monkey, Chester) to get his revenge on Lucky and the rest of his crew.

Pirates 4D banner Pirates 4D banner Inside themeing Pirates 4D screen Justa the parrot

Flying Fish Revival: Plans
Submitted April 2006

Due to the guest dissatisfaction at the Flying Fish's removal in 2004 to make way for Stealth in 2006, Thorpe Park brought the ride back in 2007, albeit in a new location. The ride was to now sit to the right of Tidal Wave, next to Depth Charge. The track was the same as the old Flying Fish 'coaster (and Space Station Zero before that), but the train was new - an bright orange fish replacing the original green train.

Flying Fish entrance Side Profile Side Profile Control Cabin
Photo Booth Ride Area

Flying Fish Construction

October 2006

Groundwork underway

February 2007

Entrance being constructed Whole ride view From Depth Charge From Depth Charge

Top Rockers

The Top Rockers were new for 2006, replacing the Thorpe Park Rangers Show in the Ranger Showcase. They continued in 2007 with an updated show with new tracks including Queen and Status Quo.

Top Rockers on stage Top Rockers



Closure of Miss Hippo's Fungle Safari (1995 - 2008)

Opened in 1990, originally called "Drive in the Country", and located where X:\ No Way Out was to be later built, Miss Hippo's Fungle Safari was one of Thorpe's vintage rides. Moved next to Mr Monkey's Banana Ride and rethemed in 1995 to the Fungle Jungle, Miss Hippo's was closed in 2008 due to rising technical and maintenance costs. Riders would board "Ford" vehicles which would move around a fixed track; children had steering wheels in the front and so could pretend to drive the car. Statues of the Thorpe Park Rangers were placed at various points around the track.

Entrance Ride car Mr Monkey Statue Chief Ranger


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