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Stealth: Plans

Stealth was to be Thorpe Park's "icon" 'coaster - towering at 205ft high (100ft higher than anything else on Park), the ride was to dominate the Park's skyline and send a clear signal to the public that Thorpe Park was serious about joining the ranks of the major Theme Parks in the Europe. Built on the site of the former Model World and Flying Fish, the coaster was billed at Europe's fastest and highest launch 'coaster. Having built Rita: Queen of Speed one year earlier at Alton Towers, Intamin were brought on board to design and construct the minimalist ride structure.

Model World and Flying Fish Ride Area Ride Entrance

Just one major change happened throughout the planning process: due to budget cuts, Thorpe Park had to abandon a queueline "grandstand", where queueing guests would get an elevated view of the Stealth "drag race" happening below. A real shame, as this would have added hugely to the ride experience!

Proposed grandstand Grandstand and Station Grandstand Side Profile Ride Area with Grandstand

"Stealth" was the ride's project name, in the same way that Colossus was codenamed "Project Calypso". Rumour has it that in this instance the project name was kept as the ride's actual name, because the other suggested name - "The Edge" - was trademarked by Pizza Hut! "Johnny Rocket" was also touted as a potential name for the ride.

Front View Side Profile Front View
Side Profile

Detail on the station, Stealth Diner food outlet, operators' booth and winch house:

Station Stealth Food Outlet
Operator Kiosk Winch House External Viewpoints External Viewpoints

Stealth Construction

March 2005

Building site Old Model World site Another Model World view Towards Tidal Wave
2006 Advert

April 2005

Looking down from Tidal Model World from above

May 2005

Diggers on site Cement mixers

July 2005

Further building work Diggers Footers

August 2005

Maintenance Shed Station being built Footers being installed
Long Advert Cranes on site Winch House

September 2005

Going vertical Track to be installed Towards Tidal Wave Operator's Booth
Brake run From Depth Charge Whole site

October 2005

From Detonator Entrance Wheel Winch House Topped out Fright Nights Advert


StreetXtreme was the follow on to StuntzMania that had been performed in the Arena for the 2005 season. It continued in a similar theme with acrobatics and motorcycle acts, with more of a focus on BMX and "street" stunts. It was to be the last seasonal show staged in the Arena for many seasons.

Stage BMX stunts BMX jump Motorcycle stunt

Closure of Thorpe Farm (1982 - 2006)

Thorpe Farm closed its doors for the last time in 2006, with the Park citing falling visitor numbers as the sole reason for the Farm's closure. Guests travelled to the Farm (located on another piece of land to the north of the Park) either via train (Canada Creek Railway) or Waterbus (these Waterbuses were discontinued at the end of the 2004 season). The Farm contained a usual array of animals, including birds, goats and pigs.

Here you can see the entrance to the Farm, as well as the Gift Shop and Potbellies, the Farm restaurant. The fourth photo also shows how far away the Farm was from the main Park.

Entrance sign Eatery Potbellies View back to the Park

The most popular method of transport to the Farm was via the Canada Creek Railway. These beautiful steam-powered locomotives continued to be put to use at the Park after the Farm's closure, becoming a closed-circuit attraction themed around a "Bear Hunt", which snaked in a shorter circuit around Canada Creek from 2007 - 2011.

Train entering the station Passing a llama Train front on Leaving the Farm On ride shot

Cows, goat, sheep, birds and more!

Llama grazing Cow grazing Sheep Cow
Potbellies Pond Farm buildings Sheep
Sheep Goats Farm machinery Birds


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