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Entrance Signage

2005 saw Thorpe Park push its increasingly stellar ride lineup with colourful imagery in its advertising, as seen in this poster displayed by the Park entrance.

Entrance Advert

Slammer: Plans

Slammer was the first of two S&S Power rides to come to Thorpe Park for the 2005 season. Perhaps to this day one of the Park's most terrifying rides, Slammer is a prototype "Sky Swatter" ride, of which there were only 2 ever manufactured. The ride could now be considered unique, as its only copy (in the US) has since been dismantled.

Artists impression Location of Slammer Ride Area Side Profile
Front on Colour Scheme Colour Scheme

Slammer Construction

End 2004

As Slammer was constructed primarily over the closed season 2004 - 2005, Total Thorpe Park have only photos of the land as it was before ground was broken. As you can see, there was a large mound of earth behind X:\ No Way Out that had to be completely flattened, and trees removed, to make way for the construction of the ride. You can also see in the third photo how Slammer changed the skyline in quite a dramatic way!

Mound of earth Behind No Way Out Viewpoint From Colossus queueline

The adverts the Park ran towards the end of the 2004 season showcasing their two new attractions for 2005.

2005 Advert

Rush: Plans

Rush was the second of two S&S rides to be installed in 2005, although opened 3 months after its predecessor, Slammer (which opened at the start of the season in March). As with Slammer, Rush uses air power to generate the force needed to swing both swings up to its height of 21m. However, the ride type ("Screaming Swing") has proven far more popular than Slammer's, over 15 similar models popping up all over the world. Other examples include Skyhawk at Cedar Point, Ohio, USA, and Barnstormer at Dollywood, Tennessee, USA. Note how the artists' impression of the ride artwork differed from plans to reality - Rush's main pillars are entirely gold.

Location of Rush Ride Area Side Profile
Side Profile Side ProfileThemeing

Rush Construction

March 2005

Building site Rush advert Footers laid

April 2005

Crane on site Close up Seats due to be attached
Hanging poles View from afar

May 2005

Testing dummies Entrance sign: "ride testing" Crane by the ride


StuntzMania was the successor to the Spiderman Show that had been performed in the Arena for 2 years. It was a more traditional stunt show, with acrobatics, motorcycle stunts and high dives. It was replaced in the 2006 season with the similar "StreetXtreme".

Arena Entrance Stage Circus act Arena seating
Stunt ball Motorcyclists High dive

Zodiac Wheel Replacement

With the original wheel having served the Park from 2000 - 2005, Thorpe Park replaced the Zodiac ride with an identical replacement (bought from Drayton Manor Theme Park) in the 2006 season. Unfortunately, this new wheel was not themed in any way like the previous incarnation - here you can see images of the original wheel as it was last seen in 2005:

Wheel from above In flight Wheel lowering At peak of cycle On ride shot


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