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Thorpe Park Entrance

As photographed in 2003.

Entrance 2003

Dome Panorama

A view from the Dome across the Park in 2003:

Dome Panorama 2003

2003 South Parks Brochure

In the early 2000s, the Tussauds "South Parks" (Thorpe Park and Chessington World of Adventures) produced co-branded advertising brochures that were distributed to local businesses, hotels, and public libraries. Here you can see scans of the Thorpe Park section of the pamphlet - note the tiered peak / standard / off peak pricing structure, where an Adult one-day entry ticket on an off peak day cost just £19.00!

Cover New for 2003 Thrills and Fright Nites Annual Pass and Tickets

Teacup Twisters

A year of many changes for the Park; this was to be the last year of Teacup Twisters before the "Storm in a Teacup" retheme:

Teacup Twisters Close up on teacups Close up of teacups Centre teapot

Nemesis Inferno: Plans
Submitted April 2001

Nemesis Inferno was the Park's second major 'coaster installation, coming only a year after Colossus in 2002. It was marketed as "the world's most intense coaster experience" and shared its name with Nemesis at Alton Towers - a ride to this day considered one of the world's best.

The ride was to occupy the space previously occupied by Mr. Rabbit's Tropical Travels, Dino Boats and Wicked Witches Haunt. The track for Miss Hippo's Fungle Safari was also shortened as part of the installation:

Location of Nemesis Inferno Ride Area Side Profile Side profile

Track layout for the ride, profiles of the volcano structure and a couple of artist's impression images:

Track layout Volcano Side Profile Side profile

And finally, marketing imagery for the 'coaster, and a complaint letter filed with the planning application by a disgruntled local...!

Artists impression Complaint letter

Quantum and Eclipse: Plans
Submitted July 2001

Quantum and Eclipse were both new attractions for 2003, along with inverted 'coaster Nemesis Inferno. Situated alongside Zodiac and Vortex, the rides further expanded the Lost City flat ride lineup.

Location of Quantum and Eclipse Ride Area Site Plan Side Profile

The plans show that these two rides replaced the former Jungle Zone Family Golf, which operated from 1994 - 2000.

Jungle Zone replacement


Artists impression Themeing Ride car


Artists impression Eclipse wheel Ride car Eclipse colours

Eclipse Closure (2003 - 2003)

Following poor guest feedback, Fabbri-built ferris wheel Eclipse only lasted for one season before being sent to sister Park Chessington World of Adventures in 2004, in exchange for their Mondial Topscan, Samurai.

Front of ride Side view On ride shot Wheel from afar View from Colossus

In its new home at Chessington:

Eclipse in its new home

Calgary Stampede Closure (1993 - 2003)

2003 was Calgary Stampede's last season before making way for Samurai in 2004. A "Tristar" ride by manufacturer Fairmatt, it was opened in 1993 and was one of the Park's first thrill rides:

Ride platform Entrance Side profile Samurai Construction
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