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Colossus Promotion

Model used in the Park to promote Colossus, opening in 2002:

Colossus Model, exhibited outside the construction site for Thorpe's 2002 'Coaster Side view Detailed view

Detonator: Plans
Submitted October 2000

Following Tidal Wave's installation in 2000, Thorpe Park continued to show that they had ambitions of becoming a thrill Park by installing three new flat rides in 2001. Perhaps scariest of the three was Detonator, a Fabbri Megadrop. The queuelines shown in these original plans were modified before building.

Location of Detonator Ride Layout Side Profile Side Profile

Detonator was installed as a quick replacement for the burnt-down Wicked Witches Haunt dark ride, which was destroyed in the Thorpe Park fire of 21st July 2000. Interestingly, the planning documents show that Detonator was actually an alternative install in lieu of a proposed replacement family 'coaster, that never made it off the drawing board due to costs.

Detonator was originally due to be a temporary installation for just one year, that was later extended to 5 years, and then extended again. The application to extend notes that Detonator is a "particularly popular attraction and has consistently scored over 9 out of 10 on satisfaction ratings".

Vortex & Zodiac: Plans
Submitted November 2000

Vortex and Zodiac came bundled as one application to Runnymede Borough Council, despite the fact that Zodiac had already been built in 2000 as a "quick fix" for the Thorpe Park fire (as "Enterprise"), and the planning application was retrospective.

The temporary Zodiac was to be relocated to a permanent home on the site of Dare Devil Drivers, and Vortex was to be built alongside on hitherto unused land.

Location of Zodiac and Vortex Ride Layouts Side Profile

Below the artists impression for the newly-themed Zodiac, and a photo of the temporary wheel in action.

Themeing View of the original ride


Colossus: Plans
Revisions submitted June 2000

Colossus was Thorpe's first major 'coaster, and really put the Park on the map. The 'coaster went through several incarnations before ground was broken, though: the first proposal being for both a 40m 'coaster and 45m "elevator ride". These plans did not meet favour with the Council due to the sheer height of the rides, so in replacement plans were drawn up for a reduced height 30m 'coaster, that was modelled on The Incredible Hulk at Islands of Adventure in Florida.

This B&M sit down coaster would be similar to the The Incredible Hulk in that it had a launch mechanism inside a tunnel followed by a cobra-roll / vertical loop in the track layout. The second image below shows the side profile of the eventual 10-looping 'coaster installation against its B&M predecessor.

Original proposed coaster Side Profile of proposed coaster vs actual

A revised plan was later drawn up that ditched the proposed linear motor launch 'coaster ("relatively new [tech] in terms of such rides") in favour of a more traditional gravity-powered ride ("tried and tested technology"). B&M were dropped in favour of Intamin, who proposed a 'coaster prototype which broke the record for inversions. Colossus - the world's first 10 looping 'coaster - was born:

Location of Colossus Ride Area Side Profile Track layout

Artwork for the new ride, with proposed shop themeing and track colours:

Artists impression Shop entrance Track colours

Finally, a view of Thorpe's rapidly changing skyline:

Park skyline


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