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Book of the Park

The Book of the Park was published by Thorpe Park's owners Leisure Sport Ltd in 1981. It was available to buy from the park shops, has 127 pages and covers the creation of the theme park and its attractions.

The Flying Fish Fountain! An Adventure in Leisure Fleet Lake Model World
An Adventure
in Leisure
Fleet Lake Model World
Park Map Family Entertainment Mountbatten Pavillion
Park MapFamily
Waterbuses & Triskates Bumperboats & Cinema 180 Special Attractions
Waterbuses &
Bumperboats &
Cinema 180
Special Attractions


Neptune's Kingdom

Prior to the Wet! Wet! Wet! slide installation in 1999:

Depth Charge, without the Wet! Wet! Wet! slides

Thunder River

Built in 1987 and opened by Dennis Thatcher, a couple of photos of the ride before the Rumba Rapids retheme in 2002:

Thunder River, 5 years before it was rethemed to Ribena Rumba Rapids Close up of a boat


Thorpe Park Entrance

The old entrance to the Park, just after RMC had sold the Park to the Tussauds Group.

The Old Thorpe Entrance, from the times when RMC owned the Park

Mr. Monkey's Banana Ride

An old photo of the ride, with the top of Chief Ranger's Carousel in the background.

Mr. Monkey's Banana Ride

Depth Charge

Old Depth Charge on-ride photo cover and photo with the newly-built Wet! Wet! Wet! slides.

On-ride photo cover Back of on-ride photo cover The Old Thorpe Entrance, from the times when RMC owned the Park


Tidal Wave: Plans
Submitted Sept 1999

Tidal Wave was a long time in the making, with planning applications and subsequent revisions submitted in September, October & November of 1998 and again in September 1999.

The below are the original 1998 plans, which show a similar "Shoot the Chutes" ride with large splashpool situated in the same area as the eventually-built ride sits today. The main difference between these plans and the ride actually built comes in the themeing - these plans show 31-metre high ships situated around the ride area! Below are plans for the ride's location, area, and themeing:

Location of Tidal Wave Ride Layout Side Profile

Here you can see how the original "Tidal Wave" would have looked, with the large sailing ships dominating the ride. Note that "Pier 13" would still have existed, but that it would not have been covered...!

Artist Impression of Tidal Wave Side profile Artist Impression

The original ride was 28m longer and 1m higher than the actual version. The planning applications include a rare image of the Park landscape before any building had taken place - Tidal Wave was previously occupied by a Viking Rowers attraction and lake water!

Looking from Depth Charge at the ride area

The 1999 revision details the ride we see at the Park today, with sailboats swapped for a leaking water tower and exploding gas ball. Below is the artists' impression of the new for 2000 ride:

Tidal Wave artwork
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